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Diesel Engine Oil Reviews


Engine oil, the lifeblood of our engines. Without it our engines, not to mention ourselves, would be stranded on the side of the road with a engine block that has ocean front double hung windows in it.

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         Rotella T        

Chevron Delo 400 seems to have a big following with the Chevrolet Izuzu Duramax crowd for some reason. I personally have never ran the oil in my truck, however, I have heard very good things about this oil and do plan to try it someday. It is a little more expensive than Rotella T and is an iso-parrafinic oil. It is not hydrocracked like other oils, but is hydroisomerized.   

Valvoline Blue Premium is really popular with diesel performance people, I've never personally used it, but I do plan to try it out and report back on it.   It is a fairly expensive oil, but is not usually as expensive as Mobil Delo.

Mobil 1 Delvac is probably the most expensive oil out of the three. Engines that use HEUI injection systems (PowerStroke and most electronic Caterpillar engines for example) do not seem to fair very well with this oil for some reason. It's not that the oil will damage this type of engine, however, most users of this oil with  non electronic diesels, such as the 12v Cummins, and the GM Detroit 6.2 and 6.5L seem to like it fairly well.  Personally, I prefer Rotella over anything, but that's my opinion, use what works for you and your engine.

OEM oils.  If your diesel engine is still under warranty(be careful, most engine warranties are longer than the rest of the vehicle) and with how stringent vehicle manufacturers have become about nitpicking maintenance records, you may want to consider using the oil that the Manufacturer specified until your warranty runs out so there is no question, that you can be held responsible for an engine failure.

Diesel Engine Oils You Can Buy

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